Conference Textual Plurality Beyond Biblical Texts

Textual Plurality Beyond the Biblical Texts
International Conference, Metz, October 17-19 2017

Preliminary Schedule


Tuesday, 17 October

9:30 Welcome with coffee and tea
10:00 Jean-Sébastien Rey, Corrado Martone, Noam MizrahiOpening
10:45 Noam Mizrahi (Tel Aviv University), Textual Pluriformity and Literary Development in the Qumran Scrolls
11:30 George Brooke (University of Manchester), Textual Plurality in the Pesharim
14:15 Barry Hartog (Protestantse Theologische Universiteit Gröningen), Textual Fixity and Fluidity in the Iliad Hypomnemata and the Qumran Pesharim
15:00 Eshbal Ratzon (University of Haifa), Lunar Calendars and the Copies of the Aramaic Astronomical Book
15:45 Pause
16:05 Emile Puech (EBAF, CNRS), L'hymne d'autoglorification en 4Q491 11 et les parallèles
16:50 Corrado Martone (Università degli Studi di Torino), Textual Plurality and Textual Reconstructions. A Cautionary Tale


Wednesday, 18 october

9:00 Hanna Vanonen (University of Helsinki), Small Waw and Big Lamed - Qumran War Text Manuscripts as Material Artifacts
9:45 Liora Goldman  (Oranim Academic College of Education and University of Haifa), Textual Variants and Sectarian Exegesis in the Damascus Document
10:30 Pause
10:50 Annette Steudel (Georg-August-Universität Götttingen), One or two compositions - the Literary Relationship between Serekh haYachad (S) and Damascus Document (D)
11:35 James Nati (Yale University), Non-Biblical Evidence for a Biblical Conundrum: Plurality and the Ontology of Literature in the Serakhim, Ezra, and 1 Esdras
14:20 Matthew Monger (Norwegian School of Theology), The Many Forms of Jubilees: A Reassessment of the Manuscript Evidence from Qumran and the Lines of Transmission of the Parts and Whole of Jubilees
15:05 Romina Vergari  (Università degli Studi di Firenze), Biblical Metaphors across the Boundaries of Traditions and Languages: A Contrastive Semantic Investigation into the Imagery of the Shadow in the texts from the Dead Sea Scrolls
15:50 Pause
16:10 Menahem Kister  (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Psalm 20 and Papyrus Amherst 63: A Window to the Elaboration of Poetic Texts
16:55 Michael Segal (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Reconsidering the Relationship(s) between 4Q365, 4Q365a, and the Temple Scroll


Thursday, 19 october

9:00 Marieke Dhont (Université de Lorraine), Greek Tobit: The Long and Short of It
9:45 Jan Joosten  (University of Oxford), The "Miscellanies" in 3 Kgds 2:35, 46 as a Problem of Textual Plurality
10:30 Pause
10:50 Liv Ingeborg Lied (Norwegian School of Theology), Copied, Identified, Annotated, Handled: Manuscript Practices and the Continuing Transformation of Texts from Jewish Antiquity
11:35 Shlomi Efrati (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Traditions in Transition: Between Text- and Source-Criticism in the Babylonian Talmud